Version 0.4

  • Switch to new pyscaffold structure
  • Add support for SMAP L3 v6 data,
  • Remove download support for v4 and v5 (decommissioned), reading still possible.
  • Add option to rename variables with orbit indicator during reading.

Version 0.3

  • Add test for download
  • Update documentation
  • Add kwargs to time series reader
  • Add option for download checking
  • Add CRID reading
  • Name PM variables *_pm in time series
  • Add download module
  • Add SMAP L3 v4 and v5 support
  • Update readme

Version 0.2

  • Add metadata from netCDF file to returned image.
  • Add option to return data as 1D arrays.
  • Add image to time series conversion and time series reading interface.

Version 0.1

  • Initial version with one dataset supported.